Reforming and Transforming SOMO
    الأربعاء 13 ديسمبر / كانون الأول 2017 - 14:47
    Ahmad Mousa Jiyad
    Iraq/ Development Consultancy and Research, Norway
    The PowerPoint was presented, through Skype Conference, before SOMO management and staff yesterday, 12 December. The Skype session lasted three hours: one hour for my presentation while the rest was for feedback from SOMO.
    In its feedback, SOMO provides thorough interesting details, information and "off-the record” facts and explanations. But due to time difference, as the session extended more than two hours over normal working hours at Baghdad, and because SOMO’s Ministerial Meeting was scheduled also that afternoon, we had to conclude our Skype session when SOMO ended its feedback. Finally, SOMO did not comment on the specific proposals mentioned in the last part of my presentation-the "Concluding remarks”; probably due to time factor!
    As a background, the English text of my article "Debating SOMO’ Transformation” was posted on IBN on 5 September 2017; and the Arabic text was posted on Akhbaar:
    After these postings I received invitation from the Ministry of Oil to present the paper, in addition to my two other papers, on Refining Sector and Boarder Fields, before Iraq Investment Conference-IIC scheduled for mid-November 2017. But the said conference was postponed for unidentified date at the instruction of the Minister of Oil!!
    Then I received a formal invitation from DG of SOMO to have direct discussion with SOMO in Baghdad, which was finally scheduled for 12 December. All flights and hotel bookings were done, but the delay in granting the "urgent visa” prevented my departure. Thus, we, SOMO and I, agreed to hold the Skype session instead.
    At the conclusion of the Skype session I informed SOMO’s audience that I am going to post the PowerPoint on Iraqi and foreign websites, and proposed for SOMO to provide their formal written views if they wish to do so, as I should not do that on their behalf for the sake of authenticity and accuracy; they will let me know if they get the permission from higher authorities.
    Ahmed Mousa Jiyad,
    Iraq/ Development Consultancy & Research,
    13 Dec 2017
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