Angela Merkel and human rights....?!
    الأربعاء 5 فبراير / شباط 2020 - 19:48
    حسين محمد العراقي Hussein Muhammad al-Iraqi
       The most powerful woman in the world .....
       Your policy fulfills the desired purpose for certain immigrant peoples and much talk about you because you carry the conscience of the truth with high confidence and follow in the footsteps of everyone who carried the human meaning of your person your first and supporter of all the oppressed in the world and this is the greatest testimony Merkel gave to human beings and for a free and dignified life and today your policy has been struck with proverbs and began to sculpt for herself A culture of recovering the homeless, and it was seen in front of the far and wide media through the audio-visual, audio-visual media.
    Merkel, the fitter, does not experiment with the evidence of your work. It has been overshadowed on the surface and touched by refugees, starting from Africa and ending with the Arab countries, including Iraq. Today, you entered the sparring line raised by the decision of the "Yusnar Tafel" charitable organization, restricting its assistance to holders of German citizenship, which means depriving refugees of it. Merkel strongly criticized this. The decision is required not to place "such rankings. This is the highest achievement archived by newspapers.
    Mrs. Angela, who is thirsty for the well-being of the oppressed person and the sufferings and the patient with the oppression and did not surrender and the guardian of his principle and bear the burden and fatigue of all the torments of the exiles and the travels in order to obtain freedom and its ceiling heaven with its light and its light, knowing your approach has emerged with the theoretical and practical dimension of every refugee who set foot in the land of Germany and today your voice heard the call of the oppressed Their rights.
     The problem of oppression of the Arab peoples by their rulers is one of the most important problems that faced the Arab communities and history will preserve your charitable work and your faith has not been shaken and shaken because you accompany the cause and your cause fairness to the Iraqi immigrants that day by the dictatorship of the ruler and now from the chaotic and creative chaos that passes the country beginning From the terrorism that the Iraqi suffered, and he paid the price dearly and in all his names, because he killed the young man and did not spare the great man and slaughtered the young man. Z and the end of the day the security Balhajs is the only concern of the Iraqi citizen, who does not know when he left his house, will return to his family or not (vast majority) assassinations? Journalists and media outlets, including the martyrs of the speech, colleague of the Tigris Media Channel correspondent Ahmed Abdel Samad and his colleague, photographer Safaa Ghali on Friday 10/1/2020 (and the great disaster and the lower gendarmerie tragedy) Trump says Iraqi money plundered by billions deposited in American banks is the price of the blood of American soldiers who were killed in Iraq as a guardian of Al-Sarraq and Al-Haramia Al-Hadath Channel, 12/1/2020.
    German Chancellor for fourteen years in power and became in the final stage of her era and in light of her position her political role became vital after Germany recovered economically and politically, knowing that its policy is a difficult challenge in the midst of what the world is going through in the contemporary world from many challenges (by America) and their slogan A divide and rule that an American has two matters in the Arab nation, specifically Iraq, whose interests are oil and Israel's security.
    Dear lady, your current place holds a vision full of full pride by me, as an Iraqi journalist, with evidence that you have become a priority that has remained and will remain visible in the minds, and not others, and honest on human rights. Official and this is the highest testimony obtained by the current German chancellor. You have been pleased and walked in history and you are using talents to build your goals. The noble and described above, you have raised surgeries on immigrants, including Iraqis today, and your name should be written in every neighborhood in Iraq and you will remain the bright political face of Arab public opinion and the pulse of life for Germany because your policy has won the approval of all peoples.
    And now I appeal to you, my honorable lady, in the name of the noble, high moral character, the academic tradition and the culture of the impartial, to see me with my request for this (asylum?) In Germany because I am a human being and I suffer from the two diseases from disease as well as I do not have an inch of land in my country and I live the bottom of life I did not find anything other than you to accept and salvage the suffering and loss of human rights Finally, I will translate this article to several languages, to shine a spotlight on it and immerse everyone in it. Everyone loves Angela Merkel and human rights ...


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