الجمعة 27 أكتوبر / تشرين الأول 2023 - 16:26
    عاصم أبو الخير Assem A. Abulkhair
    باحث وكاتب مصري
    (October 26, 2023)
    Mr. James Smith, Assistant Director in Charge of the New York Field Office

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

                Re: Request of Stolen Money and Extorted Property

           Without a Search Warrant or a Court Order

    To Mr. Smith:

                Please be advised that the undersigned U.S. citizen Demands the return of his stolen money and extorted property by your outlaw agency without due process, as follows:

    1)         On December 15, 2022 at 4:30 A.M., an informant instructed by your agency snatched our two (2) shopping bags where one contains more than $3, 000 in cash placed in small Valley Bank envelopes, plus valuable items, legal documents and four SD films incriminated your agency of TORTURE and wrongdoing, cloths, etc., before the M15 bus stop at South Ferry.

    2)         On January 27, 2023 at 1:00 P.M., an informant instructed by your agency snatched our "fresh direct" shopping bag, which contains more than $900.00 in cash in small Valley Bank envelope and CD x-rays, legal documents, and other items, etc., in front of the Salvation Army at West 14th Street.

    3)         On August 8, 2023 around 3:00 P.M., an informant instructed by your agency snatched our leather handbag, which contains more than $130, 000,00 in cash in small bank envelopes plus American Passport still in its mailing envelope, two (2) expired Egyptian Passports, Re-entry Document, Arabic CD, Social Security Card.

    4)         Two (2) Italian leather black shoes.  One was stolen from the lobby of Citibank in winter of this year cost $79.99 plus tax.  The second was stolen from the Woodside Park, Queens on August 5, 2023 due to the injury caused by an informant ended us up at the hospital.  Then we stuck at the park the following entire week until the stolen handbag on August 8, 2023.  We do not need money in recompense.  We just need our shoes back. 

                To this end, the immoral criminalized conduct indicated above does not belong to any law enforcement in any "Kangaroo country" anywhere around the world.  To make it clearer, simple and understandable, whether Abulkhair is considered a "Targeted Individual" or placed within your "Kill List", neither does not give you or any other law enforcement anywhere the license or justification to send bunch of thugs to beat him up in public more than two dozen of times, nor to send punch of thieves to steal his money and belongings five times in a row.  This outrageous conduct and act have indeed transferred the agency from the "Federal Bureau of Investigation" into the "Federal Burau of Thugs and Thieves".  Pure and simple.  The bullying behavior style that intimidated and corrupted the entire society, including local police in New York as well New Jersey with fire department, ambulance, sanitation and post office, MTA and N.J. Transit personals, as we noticed and experienced on-a-daily-basis has exceeded the Mafia's muck tactic, except for the absence of the unnamed "Godfather" to decorate the unpleasant image that no one wants to be associated with it.  You will never ever find anyone will be eager to simplify this undeniable truth and thank you for making America "The home of coward" to keep squandering billions of dollars on innocent citizens like Abulkhair.  Then telling them to leave the country.  Just remember [,] neither Congress nor FBI own America [!!!]

                Henceforth, please refrain your agents and informants from voluntarily offering us money, food and "shoes" with their malicious intention to embarrass us, and more importantly though, to defame us in public when and where we are already have being defamed by your electronically barbaric TORTURE, 24/7, second-by-second, day and night in public. Not to mention, they went so far and beyond to have and still continue using the forbidden biological weapon against us to keep our body itching day and night to deprive us from sleep.  Unfortunately, this is the symbolic phony democratic image of fake freedom and mock democracy used to criticize and blame the infamous ousted dictator for using the same weapon against his "own" people.  This is what democratic and freedom "American" is doing now against its "own" people with no shame to share.  They did not realize then, "What Goes Around Comes Around."  Poor useless "intelligence"!!!

    We even could not comprehend what kind of a former "superpower" intelligence "secret" or "classified" methods to have ten (10) years boys and girls sitting in public transportation and keep pumping into Abulkhair's penis ("dick") by monitoring him "live" on their social media, using their phones, laptops and then laughing about it for "$15/$17 bucks per hour."  They even have the ability to hit the head of our penis and rectal to cause an unimaginable dreadful pain by implying the "directed energy" weapon system, microwave weapon, as well as radiation and laser beam.  Congratulation to the "FBI" great achievement in humiliating Americans publicly.  Is this the proper way to "protect American People" in order to "save lives," or actually the American People needs another well trained and qualified professional federal agency to protect them from the animosity, madness, cancerous retaliation, abused of power and trust by the FBI.  Hence, if your organization motivated hatred intended to assassinate and kill us in cold blood murder, then please cease and desist TORTURING and stealing us forthwith. 

    Forcing us to become homeless and sleep on the street in this very brutal cold weather, is more than enough TORTURE that anyone can possibly imagine. You do not have to respect us or our words.  Just respect yourself by upholding the Constitution you have sworn to uphold to serve and protect, not to kill and TORTURE.  Americans will never be protected from the mass-shooters while your folks are deeply distracting by unjustly tracking and torturing the most innocent and gifted Americans with your brilliant or rather childish, idiotic and moronic bankrupted ideas of stealing citizens' money and shoes.  The big picture appears from the clearer mirror does [not] lie[.] With that in mind, please return our stolen money, shoes and belongings intact to clean up and reform the rusted and corrupted brains of dark "shoes" in your agency by firing all of those behind the disgraceful conduct and act that brought forward a big-name country far deeper under and beyond the beneath of the wetted mud.  The inevitable consequence of your agency ("FBI") continual disrespect and footstep on the fundamental principles and values once were granted and guaranteed by the forgotten Constitution, as clearly articulated, illustrated and orchestrated herein, will definitely lead to more failure and positively erode the public confidence and trust, not only in their law enforcement, federal and state, but also in the entire system as well where no winner in the end.

    Neither "strong" nor "sharp language" is a crime in any "Kangaroo country" around the world but America.  Nor has suing the "FBI" been punishable by TORTURE and assassination to be listed among the "Targeted Individuals" or joint within the "Kill List" with "Slow Kill" in progress.  It meant only a unique "moral courage" in a society lacked of it.  In essence, the absence of implying the virtue of common sense led eventually to the FBI's failure to struck good and right judgments, and finally strayed into prohibited terrain to revisit and correct their misjudgment voluntarily.  America deserves much better intelligence more than that awful and awkward one.  

    The tragic farce of all in the mid mass of all of these unfold crimes against humanity to be considered as an act of derision, is to witness the hypocrite and shameful, the so-called, "The Nobel Prize Organization" keeps awarding its "prize" to [t]he "Torturers" "American Scientists" whose invented all of the inhumane, barbaric and brutal electronic torturing ideas, methods and programs to demonize and agonize an innocent human being to suffer at the hands of the Tortures as becomes obviously clear to the prize winners and tortured American in America.  This is the wrong prize at the wrong place at the wrong time.  At this juncture, America's TORTURE and Nobel Prize [both] are standing on the wrong side of the law, history, as well as humanity.                 

                Giving the undisputed facts and occurrences portrayed herein, there can be no question that the "federal agency" supposed to protect the public has immorally crossed all lines of decency and strayed into prohibited terrain to get even with a man, who stood up bravely to denounce their unlawful surveillance to face another illegal TORUTRE, combined with their criminal acts of assault, theft, and immoral misconduct in their unrelenting effort to retaliate against him for his legitimate and warranted lawsuit against them to loudly and clearly say, this [is] wrong [.]  Enough [is] enough [.] 

    Please return all of our stolen money and property described above intact as soon as possible to resolve this matter amicably.  If I do not hear from you otherwise within ten (10) days, I will be compelled to file the appropriate action.


    aa                                             By:      Assem A. Abulkhair

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